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Smartphone Microscopes, Just in Case You’re Still Afraid of Anthrax in Your Mail.

In an attempt to make science more accessible it is now possible to 3D Print a microscope for your smartphone…and if I could afford a smartphone I would totally get a microscope for it. Just saying.

This isn’t a new idea, but it has certainly come a long way from it’s origins…and become much cheaper in the dawn of technological advances. But, don’t take my word for it. Feel free to see it for yourself.

Robots with Soul

BioLite: a Light in Dark Times

Since Hurricane Sandy relief efforts simply cannot roll in fast enough, but thankfully there are some local groups that have been more than helpful in maintaining balance in little ways…literally little ways. Recently I saw a report on the news (I think it was CNN or something like that) on an up and coming company known as Biolite¬†who has been doing its part to use this revolutionary stove to help better mankind.

This little stove is probably one of the coolest little devices I’ve ever seen. As a person who enjoys being outdoors often, I can see how much such a simple device can have such a big impact on emergency situations. This little stove not only uses a small amount of wooden materials and twigs to power the perfect kettle sized stove for cooking, but it also has an electrical outlet on one side for plugging in small appliances…which is electrically powered by the burning of the fire in the stove.

Biolite played an active roll in help relieve some of the minor electrical problems during Hurricane Sandy, and has donated and sold many small stoves to persons in need . Their efforts not only helped us here at home, but in third world nations across the world (for more info about their world impact click here).

I find it encouraging that there are companies using their technological advancements for the betterment of humanity. More over, it’s good to see technological advances that can provide lasting change in nations where basic things we use in the USA can be taken for granted. Something as simple as a single electrical outlet on a practical stove, can cut the time it takes not only to boil water to clean it in nations where water contamination is prevalent, but also give access to things that those in need never had before. This stove can save lives by properly cooking food and reducing health risks in Africa, as well as provide power to a sewing machine to help a young woman make clothing to sell. Or provide heat in the cold as well as to charge a cellphone or radio in a desperate town in Costal New York.