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I can’t say I’m any different…

I came across a comic strip on my news feed on Facebook. It’s almost ironic and bittersweet that we find information that tells us exactly what’s wrong with us, using some of the same tools that are the cause of what’s wrong with us.

This is a social commentary. One on our use of social networks as a means of affirmation that generations before us didn’t need. At least not to the massive scale we need it. It challenges the idea that we have not matured even as people because of our need for constant communication and affirmation. A social trend even I, an individual who enjoys researching and continually combating such behavior, has to admit I fall prey to.


Because its socially acceptable.

The issues social networks present are astounding. It seems for every single effort a programmer and idea caster bring to fruition, there are at least 10 problems that present themselves that are never foreseen. Users are becoming users and abusers. Privacy becomes publicity. The world gets smaller, and everything becomes personal.


Because now we can.

I encourage you to check out the comic strip link above.

SafetyClicks.com: Online Safety

SafetyClicks.com: Online Safety

A online community of bloggers dedicated to preparing parents and students to combat the common traps and issues of online use. Great resource for parents and teachers to become more informed. 

Big Hackers Talking Big. Should we Listen?

Many speculate, others ignore, and some aren’t so willing to brush it off. Recently people have been reporting that Anonymous, a group who may be the reason Sony servers were down a few months ago and infamous (to some) hacking group, is allegedly behind a warning video saying they were going to attack Facebook on Nov. 5th, 2011 (V for Vendetta fans and others who know about the Gun Powder Plot are aware of the significance of this date) . Whether this is true or not, or even possible, is up for speculation, however these claims certainly do not go ignored by media. The following are some links to articles explaining the situation from various points of view, and perhaps enlightens those unaware of the pros and cons of social networks.