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This is Incredible…

Okay, so the cybergoth in me wishes that there was a rave somewhere in my near vicinity that would take this video into design consideration. This was just too mother boardin’ cool not to show you…and all for a foreign yogurt commercial. Get your black lights ready….

I’d rather be there in person and appreciate the process much more deeply. But I suppose that’s one’s opinion. I can be thankful for YouTube a bit more now if I wasn’t already.

Wise Words from Wim Crouwel…

Wim Crouwel. Not many people would know this name unless they were avid Graphic Design junkies. The kind of people who dig up information while trying to come up with the newest and freshets ideas at 2 AM in their studios or basements. In brief, Crouwel is a Dutch graphic designer and typographer who’s work reshaped and fiercely influenced much of the way graphic design is done today. His achievements for the artistic community include (but are not limited to) the development of 3 major typefaces: New Alphabet, Fodor, and Gridnik.

I felt these words were wise for many aspiring graphic designers to hear. In a time where technology  makes you want to sit and start right away, designer Wim Crouwel reminds us that it’s okay to be a designer who sits and ponders a design. It resonated with me, because my professor in college always reminded us “Begin with the end in mind, so you don’t lose your way.” As designers we deal with the difficult task of having to work in a fast paced society. You’re in a place where you have to print out the newest and freshest idea before someone else gets to it. Here Crouwel tells us about the sitting and waiting for inspiration aspect, an aspect we sometimes ignore or forget is important because of the stress of everyday life… and then wonder why we can’t creatively work.

Besides those wise words, he gives us a brief history of his life and how it was working in the 40’s and 50’s in the graphic design field. He talks nostalgically  about how influenced you are by the time in which you are born, and how it can become so much a part of you as you grow…it eventually becomes your trademark. As I reflect on this interview I’m reminded to let inspiration come in it’s own time and let the time I live in lead me, not push me.

An Ode to the Old: Technology Way Way Way WAY Back in the Day.

Okay perhaps I exaggerate. But did you ever wonder what people 100 years ago (or just a few decades?) thought our world would look like today? Ever wanted to see how things were done before computers and cell phones? Here is a gallery of the tech of yore.

The Good Ol’ Apple Computer Commercial… from the 80’s

How Did Our Ancestors think we would dress?

Now for the photo montage:

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For a better look and greater gallery of this Ancient Technology please visit: