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Three Types of Hacking



We are all familiar with the concept of hacking. Unless you have been stuck under a rock for an overwhelming amount of time or are a Luddite, hacking has become just as much of a reality to you as pop culture itself. We are all well aware of the kind of hacking we see portrayed in pop culture. The nerd in shady clothing, breaking into banks, stealing money and information. Trying to manipulate the system and work for some kind of self gain. They are obvious and terrifying. Haunting our very dreams and stealing our private e-mails.

Yes, they are very real. These kinds of Hackers that work for self gain are called Black Hat Hackers. But they are not the only kind of Hackers in the world. There are also White Hat Hacker as well, people who hack into systems to find security flaws. They try to keep you safe. Protect you from the Black Hat Hackers in a game of Spy VS Spy.

Then, there are Grey Hat Hackers. They don’t quite know who they work for. They’re in the middle using their talents for both sides. They back into systems of organizations without authorization, and then inform those organizations what’s up.

To summarize in nerd terms:

Black Hat Hackers = Chaotic Evil

White Hat Hackers = Lawful Good

Grey Hat Hackers = Chaotic Good

There is actually a great deal of use for White Hat Hackers by many Fortune 500 companies. Needed increases in security provide a great deal of job security, and offers a flexible opportunity for those interested in the field. Training can be taken for such companies to become certified, and you can even take the course at home online. To learn more follow this link to become CEH v8 Certified as a White Hat Hacker.

A Sad Farewell…

A Sad Farewell…

Hacker/Online Activist Aaron Swartz commits suicide. In his wake he left a trail of controversial actions and online revolutions, but the biggest controversy is how does the Justice System deal with online “activists and criminals.” 

“Aaron’s death is not simply a personal tragedy,” the statement reads. “It is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach. Decisions made by officials in the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney’s office and at MIT contributed to his death. The US Attorney’s office pursued an exceptionally harsh array of charges, carrying potentially over 30 years in prison, to punish an alleged crime that had no victims.”  – U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz


Click here for more information. 

The Mind of the Hacker

I set down the book staring up at my ceiling. How did he do it? How could something so abstract and seemingly impossible be the very thing so many wish they could do. It was power at your fingertips. It was mountains of binary and beautiful landscapes of data. The matrix. The system. The thing that could both make and break powers. It was power.

Reading Neuromancer by William Gibson opens your eyes to a world no one sees. The mind being able to bend and break everything all at once. When we think of the internet we are aware of only one thing: it has almost no law. But then again we live in a “meat world” as the character of Case put it in Neuromancer. A hacker with his mind set on living life in the matrix. Real life isn’t living. It’s failed too much. The matrix…it’s everything. It’s his freedom for the life he runs from with drugs and cyberspace. Not that he’s tried to make much of a life for himself in the first palce.

I’m amazed by the amount of emotion behind the computer screen of hackers. Recently I found myself in search of the Hackers Manifesto. There are many of them. One of the ones I find insightful to the mind and lives of hackers is one found in Phrack magazine. The article empowers the downtrodden of society to fight back against the oppression they’ve felt in the “meat world” they’ve come to know as the only destiny. Only option. Poetry in binary. A drug addict of data. What is even more interesting? Most of it talks about teachers, public school, and an education system that failed them. I can certainly resonate with that. I’ve felt the same on many occasions. Though, to play devils advocate for a moment, how much can personal choice be anyone else’s responsibility?

Another article I found called Hackers Ethics. Interesting perspective.

This May be Illegal….

I find it interesting that we live in a time where the world no longer needs to be ruled by nerds. What I mean by that is, everyone (with the exception of certain age brackets) has a good handle on how to use technology. It used to be that computers, game consoles, etc. were all very specialized fields. Only those who knew how to program them could use them. Though it seems today, just about everyone can go online and find thousands of resources on how to retake the once specialized technological field for the common user.

I recently discovered an interesting article that was more than informative when it comes to different “uses” for the gaming console (including vintage tech). To everything there is a loop hole these days. The common gamer can find free gaming in any number of places. If you’re interested in finding out the top ten DIY projects to improve your personal gaming experience, your tech savvy, and even make awesome though questionable first impressions click here.

****I do not advise hacking gaming systems. What you do with this information is your choice and therefore I cannot be held responsible for any activity that may cause damage to property or violations of any contracts.