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The Problem With a Personalized Internet

The internet is trying to make our browser more personalized than ever before using complex algorithms. Too bad that’s gunna bite us right in the motherboard later when we try to find something we don’t usually look for.


There has been much controversy lately about Google taking liberties in their privacy statements and altering their ability to access information. However, many people don’t know how Google really works and in what ways they access your information and what that information is used for. In this particular case, the content of your writing or blog posts is the subject of search information. Here is a simplified version of how Google tracks down, processes, and saves information.

Google the New Microsoft?

There once was a time when communication was slow. I hardly remember it myself. Computers were a beginning technology in the 80’s and 90’s and what a difference it has made in the last 10 years. Companies like Microsoft dominated the market, bringing personal computers to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Followed closely after was Apple, integrating design into technology and making form and function a major part of our daily lives. Next was Google. The search engine of all search engines. Communication was faster. Information passed quickly as time went on and now all three companies are technological giants in their industries. A success story, or something to be worried about?

An interesting article about how Google is taking the search engine industry by storm, much like Microsoft had about a decade ago (to the point that an antitrust case ensued). I find these matters to be interesting. Both were companies went from helping to make communication in our world better to wanting to make more money. For more information on the subject click here.