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The Newest in Social Networking

Scrolling through my social networks, I can’t help but notice all the ad space, feed interuptions, and clutter. In the modern age we really ought to be streamlining our information right? I mean, what kind of social space really needs advertisements when all I want to know is what’s up with my buds from college?

Now, I’m a big fan of Google+ for is clean and easy scan quality, as well as it’s ability to help me organize who sees what when I post it. I also am a fan of Twitter for that quick sound bite style of info and status sharing, because it’s effortless, and reduces the information to its most concise parts. But, when it comes to Facebook, I’m starting to feel like the issues I had with MySpace are rearing their ugly heads. There is too much. Too much clutter. Too much text. Too much visually happening. Too many people to keep track of posting too many things I don’t care about that I can’t really skim through. Too much to share. Too much to like. All in an unorganized blocky fashion. I desire that clean streamline design for better consumer scanning. I want effortless user interface, where it runs so smoothly that it is as easy the first time as it is years after I have used it.


Recently, I found out about another social media site called Ello. What intrigued me about Ello, is it’s manifesto to offer you a social space that is beautifully minimalist, while also giving you AD FREE SERVICE. You read that right. Ad free. Because they are not owned by advertisers. They don’t get profit from kickbacks. They don’t want to sell out. It’s kind of the hipster equivalent of social networking.

But will it work? That depends on the community it brings.

I’m interested to see where it goes.

pantone fall 2014 report

Color is often determined by common fashion trends. The 2014 report is now out and available for all your design needs. I’m gunna go throw some confetti, drink a ton of coffee, and study it like a motherboarding text book.

dry ink designs

Well, it’s officially out – the Pantone Fall 2014 report!

pantone 2014 fall report


Click here for the full report!


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A Must Have Resource: Louder Than Words

Recently I was looking up interesting design and business marketing books on my iBooks app. I came across this little gem…and it became a cave of wonders (yes, that was a blatant Aladdin reference…don’t judge me I’m a 90’s kid). It was a campaign project produced by OgilvyAction that showcased some of the best of the best in “new approaches to the art of creating purchase behavior.” For a free iBook I was beyond impressed and  enjoyed every case study they threw at me. This book gives excellent out of the box insight for everything from using social media to dust (literally…like sand, dust, and dirt) to help change the purchasing behavior of a localized area…and in some cases some very difficult to reach cultural groups. Hats off to OgilvyAction for their collection of the best of the best, and I really hope you enjoy this free resource as much as I have. To read Louder Than Words please click here.

Best iPad Apps for Designers: A Link List

A bunch of great resources I found while perusing the internet! Follow the links below for some great Apps for Designers (I didn’t label them …I got a little lazy…I regret nothing).








Design Resource: The Noun Project

Design Resource: The Noun Project

The noun project was designed to make simple symbols as representation for everyday objects. Free high quality symbols for the use of designers any where any time. You can contribute your own designs, just use their symbols, or buy their merchandise. For more information about this, ever useful site click here

Great News for Design Students!

The AIGA is accepting memberships for students that are drastically reduced in price! Click here to get more information about this awesome deal. Not only does this membership gain you access to exclusive events, job opportunities, and help build portfolios but also looks good on a resume and gives you nearly unlimited resources. My recommendation: Take it and run with it! 

Wise Words from Wim Crouwel…

Wim Crouwel. Not many people would know this name unless they were avid Graphic Design junkies. The kind of people who dig up information while trying to come up with the newest and freshets ideas at 2 AM in their studios or basements. In brief, Crouwel is a Dutch graphic designer and typographer who’s work reshaped and fiercely influenced much of the way graphic design is done today. His achievements for the artistic community include (but are not limited to) the development of 3 major typefaces: New Alphabet, Fodor, and Gridnik.

I felt these words were wise for many aspiring graphic designers to hear. In a time where technology  makes you want to sit and start right away, designer Wim Crouwel reminds us that it’s okay to be a designer who sits and ponders a design. It resonated with me, because my professor in college always reminded us “Begin with the end in mind, so you don’t lose your way.” As designers we deal with the difficult task of having to work in a fast paced society. You’re in a place where you have to print out the newest and freshest idea before someone else gets to it. Here Crouwel tells us about the sitting and waiting for inspiration aspect, an aspect we sometimes ignore or forget is important because of the stress of everyday life… and then wonder why we can’t creatively work.

Besides those wise words, he gives us a brief history of his life and how it was working in the 40’s and 50’s in the graphic design field. He talks nostalgically  about how influenced you are by the time in which you are born, and how it can become so much a part of you as you grow…it eventually becomes your trademark. As I reflect on this interview I’m reminded to let inspiration come in it’s own time and let the time I live in lead me, not push me.