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Does Education Kill Creativity? Every Educator Needs to Hear This.

My Professor showed this video to us in one of my Graphic Design Classes last week. I found myself getting emotional as I watched. It was like my entire childhood experience was being told back to me. The pills, the problems with teachers, all came flooding back in a mess of emotion…and finally someone out here in the world had said what I had needed to hear…it wasn’t wrong it was just different.

I had once been told I was never going to succeed in life because I wasn’t good at math…by my math teacher….to my face…at age 8…infront of everyone in my class. An unfortunately impressionable age in my life. I had believed it almost all of my educational career since then. Art was my favorite class. I could see it and understand it, and most of the time it didn’t make sense. It didn’t have to. When I got to high school and went into geometry, math finally had made sense because I could see it and apply it to art.

Education is hit or miss with some kids. Instead of education killing creativity, I think we need to make it work better for everyone. I applaud this man.  I applaud him for finally coming out and saying what needs to be said. Education cannot take the cookie cutter approach. Not every kid is a cookie. Some are muffins, some are pastries, and some are altogether something else (and I’m suddenly getting hungry). Education doesn’t have to kill creativity. It just has to become relevant to that child’s particular creative niche.