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pantone fall 2014 report

Color is often determined by common fashion trends. The 2014 report is now out and available for all your design needs. I’m gunna go throw some confetti, drink a ton of coffee, and study it like a motherboarding text book.

dry ink designs

Well, it’s officially out – the Pantone Fall 2014 report!

pantone 2014 fall report


Click here for the full report!


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Design Resources: Color

There is so much to think about when it comes to color and design. here are some tips to help you when printing colors.

Here is a list of sites to help you visualize color pallets as well as give you the exact numerical combinations to help you get the best and truest color possible.




Design Seeds

Colour Lovers

Color Matters

Feel free to leave comments about where you find color inspiration.


Color and Culture

Color is a daily part of our lives (unless you’re blind).

What is most interesting about color is the connotations each has in each culture. For example, red is a color in American (and many western cultures in general) that represents seductive qualities. However in China it’s used for wedding ceremonies to represent luck and prosperity (as well as Communism). As designers it’s important to keep this information in mind when creating a design that will be used in intercultural communications and to remember to make it a huge part of your research stage of the creative process.

Recently a good friend of mine introduced me to the website informationisbeautiful.net which is an excellent resource for designers and artists alike (and will quickly added to my favorite links). I found a visual aid to help in the process of understanding culture and color. To see this image in its original article click here