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Wanna Live in the World of Tomorrow? Well…You Can’t.

Information was recently released describing a new “Test City” . Pretty cool right? Twenty square miles of purely new technology, in the middle of nowhere New Mexico, and not a single person around. It is being built by a private company in Washington D.C and is estimated  to cost about $200 million dollars. It’s purpose?:

“[It] will allow private companies, not for profits, educational institutions and government agencies to test in a unique facility with real world infrastructure, allowing them to better understand the cost and potential limitations of new technologies prior to introduction,”  says company CEO.

An explanation that leaves quite a few questions unanswered. Where is it being built? In an unnamed location in the New Mexico desert. What will it look like? Twenty square miles of shinny, new, unpopulated ghost town. “A city in a petri dish.” Who is going to have access to these testing facilities and under what conditions? No idea. 

The greater question is what will this new test city open a way for? New technologies of course, but how many other companies might begin doing the same? To what consequences? BLDGBLOG (see link below) says some interesting things on this very question. How would other ‘test cities’ for other companies look? Would they have to follow existing laws of commerce? Who is going to regulate what happens there and under what conditions? What changes might have to be made to laws if this begins to become a trend for companies? All questions that still need answers.

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This May be Illegal….

I find it interesting that we live in a time where the world no longer needs to be ruled by nerds. What I mean by that is, everyone (with the exception of certain age brackets) has a good handle on how to use technology. It used to be that computers, game consoles, etc. were all very specialized fields. Only those who knew how to program them could use them. Though it seems today, just about everyone can go online and find thousands of resources on how to retake the once specialized technological field for the common user.

I recently discovered an interesting article that was more than informative when it comes to different “uses” for the gaming console (including vintage tech). To everything there is a loop hole these days. The common gamer can find free gaming in any number of places. If you’re interested in finding out the top ten DIY projects to improve your personal gaming experience, your tech savvy, and even make awesome though questionable first impressions click here.

****I do not advise hacking gaming systems. What you do with this information is your choice and therefore I cannot be held responsible for any activity that may cause damage to property or violations of any contracts. 

Anatomy of a Virus

This is Incredible…

Okay, so the cybergoth in me wishes that there was a rave somewhere in my near vicinity that would take this video into design consideration. This was just too mother boardin’ cool not to show you…and all for a foreign yogurt commercial. Get your black lights ready….

I’d rather be there in person and appreciate the process much more deeply. But I suppose that’s one’s opinion. I can be thankful for YouTube a bit more now if I wasn’t already.

Some Helpful Tips



Some Helpful Tips.

Found this blog post and thought it had some really good suggestions on how to effectively sell products online. It’s mostly targeted to the occasional sales such as selling on craigslist or ebay, but it’s still a pretty good post regardless.

This site also has some interesting items on it that reflect a genre known as “Steampunk” which is another subculture and reading genre that has an interest in the esthetic of technology. It’s basically taking technology back to the days when everything ran on steam…but still with our modern conveniences. It’s actually very neat.



Innovative American Medical Technology…Being Sent Over Seas First?

A recent news report came across my desktop the other day giving a new insight to current technological developments in health.

The issue: Newer medical technology is being sent overseas before being able to be perchased in America (regardless of whether or not it was developed in America or not).

The reason: Because the FDA’s regulations for medical products use makes marketing new innovations in America more difficult and perhaps are unnecessary all together. Europe has been more willing to purchase and fund such innovations and has made the medical market turn to them first.

Now this information is still tentative because it was taken in regards to a Northwester University survey, and in many cases surveys are biased and therefore must be taken with a grain of salt (any survey can be worded to make a desirable outcome). However, the fact that this survey was even taken is interesting and brings up a very interesting question about whether our FDA’s regulations are necessary and if it’s jeopardizing our medical field in America when there could be a more innovative way. I’d love to hear more in depth info as to why this may (or may not) be happening. But, I was only able to find this little bit of information.

Full article found here:

Here is a video I found that explains things a bit further.

Cell Phones and Cancer: New Alarming Studies (and why I’m using speaker phone from now on)

I was watching a CNN broadcast done by Anserson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta about cellphone use and cancer. I’ve always been skeptical about this kind of research, but they brought up some very good points.

Have you ever read the warning label that came with that nice Blackberry?  If you were to look at the warnings that come with your cell phone, you would notice most companies recommend that you do not hold your cell phone close to your body. Why is this you may ask? Old research has shown that cell phones actually are seeing radioactive frequencies into your brain (knew that already), new research shows in the long term (10 years plus) that cellphones can cause serious health issues especially for excessive use.  Most of this research is being done on adults, but when you think about young adults and teenagers using cell phones and their thinner developing skulls….this could lead to much more and more quickly. Despite research done earlier that has said cell phone use was considered safe and do not cause cancer, the fact is cancer can take a decade or more to actually develop, and the results of longer studies has shown startling results. To be perfectly honest, cell phones had not been around long enough to get accurate results, but as time goes on, more and more is beginning to unfold, and not in favor of cell phone usage.

Dr. Oz gives some helpful tips.

While researching this I also found a video interviewing Dr. Gupta about cell phone use in hospitals. If they can be this damaging to electronics, then how much more can they be to us physically?

Mind you more research is being done, but it’s interesting to see this sudden shift from “it’s fine” to “be careful” and in only a few years time. As for me…I’m keeping my phone on speaker.