About Cybergothpandas

This blog began as a collective final project for a Computer Ethics class a couple of years ago. Since then each of it’s former members has perused other interests, but on occasion you’ll see a post from one of them come rolling in. Now it’s just me and I’m pretty much your standard anonymous nerd/Graphic Designer. Why do I do this? I suppose because I hope that people become more informed about the impact technology can have (not to mention share all the cool Graphic Design Resources I can with you starving artists out there). We’re in an age where technology is popularly used and has dramatically impacted our social, relational, professional, and over all personal lives. But what do we do with all this constant communication and access?


That’s what I hope to help you figure out.


I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m merely offering you multiple points of view as objectively as I possibly can. There are moments where I’ll say precisely what I feel like saying, but then again you’ll probably comment and do the same. All I ask is for you to feel free to give your opinion respectfully.


Happy blogging nerds.

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