Killing Drones: Ethical for Use or not?

Screenshot taken from

Screenshot taken from

With the War ongoing and the dilemma of ethical technology use ever more blurry. Many lawyers have been conducting legal research on the matter and the issue stands whether or not it is a legal issue at all, or simply a moral one.

This topic was brought up by what is being called the  “White Paper Memo” saying the President has the right to kill indiscriminately using drones…including US citizens (don’t you just love the freedom of equality).

For an introduction to the topic, please visit the link below.

The link below is a video that discusses the issue of Drone Warfare and the argument against it’s ethical and legal use.

The link below is to a video of Harold Koh, legal advisor to the US Department of State, arguing that the use of drone warfare is legal according to United States and International law.

Regardless of a person’s stance on the issue, we have to agree that to every action there is an intention, and there are those things that are unintended.


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