Design Resources: Tutorial Sites

So…I know it has been quite a long time and…I have no good excuse except…you know…I have a life. I’ve sold my soul to Graphic Design for good…so expect a lot more gaps in my posts.

So I’ve come to a decision. I like designing. I like it very much. So much that I think everyone ought to become a Graphic Designer. Now I know many of you aren’t able to go to school and build resources and networks (because it’s far too expensive and I feel for/with those of you who have loans). So I offer you a little thing I like to call “free stuff” (why, yes that is a technical term). So to help you out (because I’m a nice person and Thanksgiving has put me in a giving mood) here are a few resources to help you find out how to do whatever the heck it is you wanna get designed.

Here you go…be thankful:

Method and Craft Tutorials

VectorTuts-  For All Your Illustrating Needs

NetTuts- Web Tutorials for Web Design

Adobe Tutorials

PSD Tuts- Free Graphic Design Theory Lessons (some of you need this more than others)




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