How Creatives Work: Issues of Technology and Graphic Design

I came across this article today on my Twitter feed about the ways that Design Creatives are working and the difference it’s making in the design industry. What this article comes down to is this: we’re wasting an awful lot of time. This article from the 99% website offers an insight into how creatives have become distracted and removed from personal creativity because of access to so many other great (but unoriginal) ideas. Not only that, but communication technologies themselves are actually taking us away from our work as creatives such as e-mail (said to be one of the biggest distractions).

Again we see another issue with our ability to use technology actually taking away from our ability to work. According to this article the average Creative works 9 hours per day, but only 3.5 hours of that is considered productive time. Now I understand that statistics can be misleading, but being a college student as well as a creative intern this isn’t too far fetched from my own experience. The internet is distracting and people are distracting too.

The article goes on to talk about “open offices” which is a set up with an open floor plan that allows employees to have face time, and over all improve community in the work place. The problem is, we’re human. We’re easily distracted from our work, and once our train of thought has been broken by something interesting enough (and people are interesting), we lose our ability to create in a timely manner. In fact, most of our productive time is being done on a laptop in the comfort of our own homes. Even more is getting done when creatives sketch it out on paper (an important point to note).

Perhaps the technology we’re seeing regularly isn’t actually helping us. In most cases, one can’t help but realize how the technology that once helped us “get it done faster” is actually taking up more of our time. As Creatives, we can’t allow this to happen, because it leaves rooms for creativity to get sucked out of us. We often fall prey to sites like Pinterest (wonderful site) that give great design ideas…but they’re ideas already thought of.

Let’s be original and good at what we do. Not too much to ask I think.


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