Design Resources: Designing the Resume

You’re about to head off into the world of Design, but there is that ever so annoying piece of paper you have to throw together. Your resume. What’s even more frustrating for most designers, is most potential employers aren’t looking for resumes for creatives. The portfolio is all they really want to see. However, it is still a good idea to give every employer a copy of your resume. Here is a link with some helpful information as to how to catch the ever shortening attention span of recruiters everywhere.

Now as I read the article from the link I just posted, I notice that most of those sites with “Top Attention Grabbing Resumes” actually aren’t all that correct now are they? They certain grab your attention, but they really aren’t given that much credit within the 6 seconds each recruiter seems to allot. Here is another link for some creative, but often far too busy, resume examples: Here are some that don’t overwhelm the senses, and might earn you a career:


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