The 2011 Cyborg: Advances Today

Recently I got into an argument with a friend about research formulating ways to control computers with your thoughts and brains rather than your fingers. The article about this brain utilizing technology was written in Spetember by the NY Times the article is called The Cyborg In Us All.  People tend not to believe me on this subject, thinking that technology like that is still so far from our grasp. Well, it’s not. Actually much of what we see in scifi is very real, but still in the process of being considered ethically necessary , fixing some of the bugs, or too expensive for the general public. What I thought was strange was that a person can understand the concept of bionic limbs, but not brain operated computers.

Bionic limbs are nothing new to us. We understand that robotic limbs can read our nerve patterns and then replicate movement. The same technology is what causes the iPod touch screen (click link to learn more) to operate at your touch, by reading and sensing electric currents through nerve activity… not heat like many think. Technology that we use almost everyday and they can’t grasp the idea that we can do more with our minds than we can with our hands.

To help us understand the extent of these human adaptations I found this film explaining “cyborg” technology.

Beware some images are graphic surgical procedures.


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