Design Inspiration: Music

There is a part of us that can connect with the melodies in music that few other genres of media and art can really do. Visual art is wonderful sure.

But Sound?

Sound is glorious.

I often listen to music while working because my mind tends to even out to the melodies. It reaches into those parts of my brain that I cannot reach otherwise and brings out a depth that seems to run dry at the surface. It’s like a well really. Music is the longer rope to draw out the deepest and freshest water. You hear a sound that reminds you of color. You hear a lyric that touches your heart and helps you understand a design concept. Some lyrics can remind me of artistic movements and their ideals.

Here is a list of a few bands I often listen to while designing. I ask that you share some of your favorite bands/songs/movements/composers as well.

Music to Design to

Also for you Graphic Designers here is a website that chooses your playlist based off color choice. Thought you might find it interesting.

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