Music and Color: Synesthesia

After discovering I’ve been fascinated with the subject of music and color’s possible relationship. An NPR report I once read gave the story of Laura Rosser, a musician who can see sound in the form of color. This condition is known as Synesthesia. It’s a very rare condition and can be displayed in many different forms. After reading what I could about the subject I found myself thinking back to childhood with Disney’s Fantasia, where the first segment of music was animations of color and forms. How strange it was that people could create design and illustration from listening to a musical piece. How wondrous.

I wish I had more time to write about this subject, but this is a complex and intricate condition that would take many lifetimes to really explain, especially when you are not sure for yourself what all the information about it means. But I found this article from Seed Magazine to help you understand just what this condition does, and perhaps lead you to some art that might just knock your socks off.  Here is another article from Buffalo Spree that shows you just what happens when people with this condition get their hands on some art supplies.


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