An interesting view of DIY Design and how it has changed the way we consume, create, and live.

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Doing art during my senior high school years I’d consider myself to be somewhat creative, but tell me to design something on the computer and I freak. So many programmes, so many features I swear it’d be easier to design by hand. However I’ve come to feel my opinion has become a minority in today’s society where manual design has become devalued and our society has become dependent on the ability of digitalisation and design stemming across a variety fields. Find the right program and any one can be home or fashion designer.

Coerced into the mix of the concepts that have already been discussed is the idea of DIY design having evolved into the produsage environment. What Hippel (in Bruns 2008, 289) points out, is that what was once used to design ‘blue prints’ is no longer a popular choice but rather “today, designs for new products are commonly…

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