Design and Reform: When Art Meets Politics

Was on the AIGA website and found an interesting article about designers designing for immigration reform. I’m finding it more and more interesting how art becomes a major part of political image and change especially since technology has improved over the past two decades alone. To read more about this specific topic the article is called CULTURESTRIKE: DESIGN ACTIVISM TO IMPACT IMMIGRATION REFORM. There is a gallery available for you to brows through.

With the upcoming elections, immigration is one of the many political battles that politicians and people alike tend to weigh heavily. With all the controversy over the boarders, many wonder what really can be done about this close-to-home issue. Despite my political views on immigration and boarder control, I think the designs for these posters are raw, but effective. Reminds me of Russian Constructivism not in appearance, but in meaning: making strong statements with art. For many more articles on design and social change visit AIGA’s website.


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