Greenwashing: How You’re Being Deceived

There is a huge push in the green movement, in case you haven’t noticed. Our nation and economy is becoming greener, or so one would think because of all the claims to “natural” products. Unfortunately, much of our  products circulating are no more green than they were decades ago, but don’t let the big name companies know I told you that. Most companies now are legally able to claim to environmental qualities, even though their products are no more green than a black sweater.

Green washing is the claim or implication of a products environmentally conscious qualities. Because there is no official laws to hinder the use of the word “natural” in advertising, many companies plaster their products with it to help gain the approval of the more environmentally conscious consumer. In may cases companies don’t  need to put “natural” on the box. Instead they can use earth tones and color pallets that imply a product is more earth friendly. In the end a consumer is highly deceived, and ends up buying a product that is usually more expensive, and no more eco-friendly than the bargain brand.

Websites such as are trying to help inform consumers about greenwashing.  They offer forums and rating systems to help guide consumers to quality products that really are just as green as they say. As a person who personally thinks it’s our duty as consumers to pay attention to what we buy and how it’s affecting our environment, sites like these have been helpful in many of my purchasing decisions. For more information about the ways that companies greenwash their products click here. Here is an infographic to express the severity of the situation and what to look for. 


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