Recently there has been an online uproar sweeping across college campuses, airwaves, and the world wide web. An Act called the “Stop Online Piracy Act” has been the subject of continual controversy causing many sites to even “black out” or “censor” themselves in protest, including our very own WordPress and beloved Wikipedia. But what’s up with all this SOPA business? What the motherboard is it?

I commend Wikipedia for doing the right thing and continuing to inform us of both the pros and cons of SOPA despite their already known personal feelings on the subject (as show by their 24 hour blackout). Thank you Wikipedia for continuing to give accurate information to the public. To find more information about SOPA click here. I also found this FAQ about SOPA that might give some insight into the reasoning behind the Act. To read them click here.

As usual feel free to respectfully leave your opinions.


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