The Mind of the Hacker

I set down the book staring up at my ceiling. How did he do it? How could something so abstract and seemingly impossible be the very thing so many wish they could do. It was power at your fingertips. It was mountains of binary and beautiful landscapes of data. The matrix. The system. The thing that could both make and break powers. It was power.

Reading Neuromancer by William Gibson opens your eyes to a world no one sees. The mind being able to bend and break everything all at once. When we think of the internet we are aware of only one thing: it has almost no law. But then again we live in a “meat world” as the character of Case put it in Neuromancer. A hacker with his mind set on living life in the matrix. Real life isn’t living. It’s failed too much. The matrix…it’s everything. It’s his freedom for the life he runs from with drugs and cyberspace. Not that he’s tried to make much of a life for himself in the first palce.

I’m amazed by the amount of emotion behind the computer screen of hackers. Recently I found myself in search of the Hackers Manifesto. There are many of them. One of the ones I find insightful to the mind and lives of hackers is one found in Phrack magazine. The article empowers the downtrodden of society to fight back against the oppression they’ve felt in the “meat world” they’ve come to know as the only destiny. Only option. Poetry in binary. A drug addict of data. What is even more interesting? Most of it talks about teachers, public school, and an education system that failed them. I can certainly resonate with that. I’ve felt the same on many occasions. Though, to play devils advocate for a moment, how much can personal choice be anyone else’s responsibility?

Another article I found called Hackers Ethics. Interesting perspective.


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