Rest in Peace Steve Jobs

I hardly believed my ears when a friend of mine told me. I hadn’t been able to get online all day because of classes. My heart sank at the thought, not that I ever knew the man, but because an innovator of historic proportions had been lost…and a human life as well. Today history lost one of its greatest designers and revolutionaries of technology. Despite how much you support or even like Apple we cannot neglect to acknowledge it’s greater impact on the world and how it changed our views of technology. May Steve Jobs rest in peace.

A few articles I found a couple weeks ago I was meaning to put up because of the amazing perspective they gave on the impact of Steve Jobs (in light of his resignation). I feel it is appropriate now because of its name: A World Without Jobs. Little did we know that the world without Steve Jobs would be so soon…and permanent. A man holding over 300 patents to his name and an empire of technology that connected the world bringing us all closer. Funny how something designed so well could become a new symbol…an unexpected symbol.

A quote from this article that resonated with me:

Technological progress is the fruit of countless scientists, inventors, engineers, and firms. But Apple has done one thing almost no one else does: put the fruits of insanely complex engineering into accessible form. Before the rise of Apple, advances in computing technology largely meant a daunting increase in complexity and the length of the manual accompanying the device. The 1990s were the age of Microsoft, when geeks ruled the world . . . because we were the only ones who knew how to get it to work.

Apple made technology safe for cool people—and ordinary people. It made products that worked, beautifully, without fuss and with a great deal of style. They improved markedly, unmistakably, from one generation to the next—not just in a long list of features and ever-spiraling complexity (I’m looking at you, Microsoft Word), but in simplicity. Press the single button on the face of the iPad and, whether you are five or 95, you can begin using it with almost no instruction. It has no manual. No geeks required.

For more information about the man who changes secular culture forever and his patents follow these links:


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