Emoticons: the current and most convenient way of showing emotion in textual messaging. I’ve often found myself trying to interpret the many symbols and have had to google things for reference (I’m dyslexic…what can I say). So for your viewing convenience…. quick guide of Western Culture emotiocons and their meanings…. that I stole from Wikipeida. Some of these emoticons may actually show you graphically what they mean because of WordPress’ text settings. For more emoticons from other cultures (some are really neat) click here.


Icon Meaning
>:] :-) :) :o) :] :3 :c) :> =] 8) =) :} :^) smiley or happy face, version without colon common in Russia
>:D :-D :D 8-D 8D x-D xD X-D XD =-D =D =-3 =3 Laughing, big grin
:'( ;*( T.T T_T Y.Y Y_Y Crying
>:[ :-( :(  :-c :c :-< :< :-[ :[ :{ >.> <.< >.< frown
D:< D: D8 D; D= DX v.v D-': horror, disgust, sadness, great dismay
:-9 licking chops
>;] ;-) ;) *-) *) ;-] ;] ;D wink
>:P :-P :P X-P x-p xp XP :-p :p =p :-Þ :Þ :-b :b tongue sticking out, cheeky/playful, blowing a raspberry
>:o >:O :-O :O °o° °O° :O o_O surprise, shock
>:\ >:/ :-/ :-. :/ :\ =/ =\ :S skeptical, annoyed, undecided, uneasy, hesitant
:| straight facedisgusted, grim, no expression
:)~ :-)>.... =F Drooling
>:X :-X :X :-# :# :$ Sealed lips, embarrassed
O:-) 0:-3 0:3 O:-) O:) Angel, innocent
>:) >;) >:-) evil
>B] B) B-) 8) 8-) shades
</3 broken heart, no love
\,,/ \m/ Rock on, sign of the horns
o/\o ^5 >_>^ ^<_< High five
@}-;-'--- Rose
( ) Hug, commonly called a cyberhug
(y) Thumbs up, signifies good/go ahead
(n) Thumbs down, signifies bad/don’t go ahead
d:-) qB-) cap, backwards cap (incorporating elements of the “shades” emoticon)
:-* :* Kiss
D:< >:( >:-C >:C >:O D-:< >:-( :-@ ;( `_´ D< Angry, mad
<3 <33333333 Love, heart, lots of hearts
\o/ *\o/* Praise, excitement, jumping for joy
\o o/ Greeting, hello, goodbye
\(:|) O7 Salute
:& Fail Face
:u Gape
:3 Coyness
<°))>< <'))>< Fish
>.< -.- Frustration, annoyance, fed up with something

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