West Virginia’s “Quiet Zone”

Another 2 hour conversation had been disconnected. I stared at my computer screen, eyes bloodshot, ear tired of listening. My suite mates playing season after season of television shows. I closed my eyes and hoped that the world would just quiet for  a min. Then the power went out.

There is an unusual amount of dependency on electronics for entertainment. I am one of the many who use it more than just a hand full of times a week for entertaining purposes, but every so often I find myself in need to some hardcore quiet time. Power outages are one way of doing it, but there is always another way to get away from all things electronic. My ideal plan: West Virginia Quiet Zone.

The zone was established in 1958 and consists of 13, ooo square miles of beautiful isolation. No wifi. No cellphones. No radio waves. If you want complete isolation? This is as isolated as it gets outside of prison. And for many trying to run from technology it’s a highly sought place for the housing market.


For more information about this unique zone click here.

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