Greenpunk: The Next Big Thing or The Next Big Flop?

There has been a positive movement toward becoming a more eco-freindly society. Many countries are beginning to reach toward a tomorrow where carbon footprints are minimized and more natural resources are utilized in healthy ways. Though, no change comes without numerous rebuttals. Wind farms and the building of turbines being some of the most common controversies currently. But, what’s wrong with green power? Nothing for the most part. There are very few negatives besides the fact that wind turbines are “noisy” and “ugly” according to some.

Recently a new genre has come out of the wood work to help promote the environmentalist ideal further known as GreenPunk. Like all new things people have put it into question wondering if it will become another sensation or buried alive.

Began by Matt Staggs, GreenPunk is a genre of scifi literature that:

“…. using and being affected by the use of DIY renewable resources, recycling and repurposing. GreenPunk would emphasize the ability of the individual – and his or her responsibility – for positive ecological and social change.” 

Many are skeptical that this genre will actually take off as much as cyberpunk and steampunk genres have, but there are still many hopeful minds out there who are taking up the challenge. It’s not very often that you step into the beginning of a social movement. Whether or not it moves at all is entirely another story. What do you think? Big thing or big flop?

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