This May be Illegal….

I find it interesting that we live in a time where the world no longer needs to be ruled by nerds. What I mean by that is, everyone (with the exception of certain age brackets) has a good handle on how to use technology. It used to be that computers, game consoles, etc. were all very specialized fields. Only those who knew how to program them could use them. Though it seems today, just about everyone can go online and find thousands of resources on how to retake the once specialized technological field for the common user.

I recently discovered an interesting article that was more than informative when it comes to different “uses” for the gaming console (including vintage tech). To everything there is a loop hole these days. The common gamer can find free gaming in any number of places. If you’re interested in finding out the top ten DIY projects to improve your personal gaming experience, your tech savvy, and even make awesome though questionable first impressions click here.

****I do not advise hacking gaming systems. What you do with this information is your choice and therefore I cannot be held responsible for any activity that may cause damage to property or violations of any contracts. 


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