Has Facebook Really Gone too Far?

Just today I saw one of my friends post this as their status:
“Warning to ALL …ALL THE PHONE NUMBERS IN YOUR PHONE are now on Facebook! No joke – go to the top right of the screen, click on Account, then click on Edit Friends, go left on the screen and click on Contacts. All phone numbers are published!! Please repost this on your Status, so your friends can remove their numbers and thus prevent abuse if they do not want them published. FYI, reposting from a friend.I went and looked and all my numbers are there and some !!!”

I’ve heard rumors of this all the time for a long time, and thought Facebook has come out and said this is only a rumor (click the link to read the information) and we have complete control over what we’ve put on our Facebook pages and privacy settings.

I found a very different story personally.

Today when I read this I passed it off as another rumor and thought to go on with my life, but just to be safe I decided to make sure my privacy settings were set so my contact information was confidential as I had done ages ago when I first heard about Facebook looking to include phone numbers as part of their Phonebook service. Personally there are just some people on Facebook I don’t want having my phone number. When I looked at my profile just to make sure the settings were still the same….there was my phone number in my info section….just waiting to be deleted. I was willing to pass this off as just a rumor, but then I saw my privacy settings had been altered…and NOT by myself. A friend of mine tried to calm me and said that I must ahve synced my phone contacts somehow with facebook after using a facebook mobile. I simply replied with the truth…my phone doesn’t have the internet….therefore…I cannot go on Facebook using my phone.

You can imagine I was a little peeved.

Has anyone else run into this as well? I hope I am only an outlier in this situation, and that others are aware of this so they may change/ check their privacy settings and make sure this does not happen to you. Though we should not panic…we should still check to be safe (especially to avoid creepers).


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