Online Dating: Just another Game…or Worse?

Online dating has become more and more popular over the eyars, but with so many people who can’t be trusted is it really the best way to meet another person? There have been so many horror stories about people meeting online that it’s becoming more and more of an issue than people realize or want to admit.  Not just because of a bad match either.

Dating games can be hard online or otherwise, but it’s when the person isn’t always there, communication is down and that can deeply harm a relationship. However, it is also when the communication is down that many online predators are able to find out quite a bit about you, without letting you know too much about them.


What can you do to protect yourself from harmful scams and the occasional creeper?

1) Stick with reputable dating sites that have been well established for a fairly long time.

2) Try to connect with friends of friends first, but always be sure your friend can give you reliable information on the person of interest.

3) Be honest and truthful about yourself online and keep photos of yourself tasteful and available. If a person has a lack of photos or even poor quality photos be very cautious.

4) Give yourself plenty of time to get to know a person. Message them through the site messaging system where you info is private unless you give it out. Getting to know a person too quickly can leave you open and vulnerable.

5) Never agree to meet a person alone. Always request a group of both your friends to come along. If you’re a woman, be sure to bring mixed company with you so you don’t seem like a vulnerable group of women. If your a man do the same, so you don’t intimidate a potential date with a group of huge football players. Always be on your guard.

6) Look for red flags. Do they ask you for things often? Do they seem to eager to meet you too quickly? Are they unwilling to go your dating pace? Is there anything else fishy about their behavior or what they say?

7) Do they know a lot about the place they claim to live? Ask them about places in their community after you’ve researched their area.


These and more are simple ways you can protect yourself from potential harm and a bad date. You can find more resources online for plenty of tips and help with online dating.




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