Cell Phones and Cancer: New Alarming Studies (and why I’m using speaker phone from now on)

I was watching a CNN broadcast done by Anserson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta about cellphone use and cancer. I’ve always been skeptical about this kind of research, but they brought up some very good points.

Have you ever read the warning label that came with that nice Blackberry?  If you were to look at the warnings that come with your cell phone, you would notice most companies recommend that you do not hold your cell phone close to your body. Why is this you may ask? Old research has shown that cell phones actually are seeing radioactive frequencies into your brain (knew that already), new research shows in the long term (10 years plus) that cellphones can cause serious health issues especially for excessive use.  Most of this research is being done on adults, but when you think about young adults and teenagers using cell phones and their thinner developing skulls….this could lead to much more and more quickly. Despite research done earlier that has said cell phone use was considered safe and do not cause cancer, the fact is cancer can take a decade or more to actually develop, and the results of longer studies has shown startling results. To be perfectly honest, cell phones had not been around long enough to get accurate results, but as time goes on, more and more is beginning to unfold, and not in favor of cell phone usage.

Dr. Oz gives some helpful tips.

While researching this I also found a video interviewing Dr. Gupta about cell phone use in hospitals. If they can be this damaging to electronics, then how much more can they be to us physically?

Mind you more research is being done, but it’s interesting to see this sudden shift from “it’s fine” to “be careful” and in only a few years time. As for me…I’m keeping my phone on speaker.


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