Geek-tastic find on Esty

If you’re a graphic designer or just another kid who happens to know their way around social networking icons, this is totally the website for you! is just one of many online retailers that is viewer operated (for the most part). You can own a shop, buy from other retailers if you make an account, or just brows to see what’s out there. The unique part of is you can only sell handcrafted, crafting supplies, or vintage items. It’s a great place to begin your own store if you’re a graphic designer just trying to sell cards or decals for walls and windows. I’m an frequenter, and you can find almost anything there…and I mean anything. Craftsquatch is one of the privatly owned stores that puts a new spin on the icon. Be prepared to geek out! Here is just a glimps of what you’ll find (and an all too familiar one too).

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