Homework vs Student

As college student we run into many distractions preventing us from doing the things we should be doing. Social networking sites and other internet uses being one of the most prominent. The invention of the computer and later the introduction of the internet has done wonders for the academic world. The internet gives us answers to questions we would have otherwise had to go to the library to look up. If you don’t know how to spell something, spell check can take care of our mistakes and if you don’t know the meaning of a word all you need do is highlight and right click and can find a synonym or an entire dictionary at your fingertips.

Many people would argue that Technology has improved our ability to learn. It gives us more access to other opinions so as to formulate our own, we have a greater access to information, and we can save time gaining that information because it is at our finger tips. Though technology can do these things are we actually using them to accomplish these things?

It is propose that technology isn’t actually improving our ability to learn, but it is improving our potential ability to learn. We do have access to this information (whether it is accurate information or not one can never tell) and we do have the capability to come into contact with information, but when one looks from the perspective of a college student one can see the issues are much more broad than just looking for information. Multiple distractions such as being one click away from sites like youtube and facebook make getting work done harder and harder.

In some cases it has been argued that we use less of our brains looking up information online than we do going to a library to search for references ( http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2008/07/is-google-making-us-stupid/6868/ ). It can be argued that individuals are less likely to use the same amount of problem solving skills (which takes up a great amount of brain usage) to actually read through a book for information than just googling a subject.

A News article (that can be found here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/22/internet-usage-statistics_n_620946.html ) gives an astounding list of numbers about our internet usage. Let us know what you think about this post and other resources you have looked into.


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