What’s in a Name?

Many of you may wonder what our name originates from. We have no actual tracing to the original idea, but rather a weird patchwork of ideals mentioned in passing. What we do know is we have an unhealthy obsession with pandas and after a wonderfully successful futuristic play using cybergoth makeup designs (aside note: we highly recommend the play Brave New World) we figured we’d marry our two new found loves.

things back to topic (and a bit more seriousness) the term “cyber goth” is used to describe a sub-culture in which the ascetic is technological and futuristic (for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cybergoth ). Much like goth reflects the vampire loving/werewolf dating/ renaissance incarnating aspect of culture…cybergoth snogs mother boards, tangles in wires, and makes sweet sweet love to anything that can glow under black lights. Cybergoth is definitely a good incarnation of what we talk about: People being involved in technology and interacting with it in fascinating ways.

Pandas, on the other hand, are amazingly complex creatures. When left to be they move tranquilly and live in peace and solitude, but when encountering an unpleasant situation they become violet and brutal. Technology, in many cases, can be and bring us to these extremes whether or not we are aware of it. On the one hand we have the positives (which are amazingly wonderful in theory) and on the other we have the negatives (which can lead to more problems than solutions and even out weigh the positives). Thus, the panda is our incarnation of the cause and effect of technology. Left to be used as intended technology can be a wonderfully peaceful thing, but when messed with in perverse ways it can cause more harm than good…just like a panda (we emphasized do not approach a panda… or feed it).

We live in a world where technology seems to be everywhere. Advertising, art, and education have all been integrated with some kind of technology or another. We hope to be able to look into the issues involving the integration of these technologies, wether through personal experience, from what we find in the news, and the occasional eye catcher that is just too motherboardin’ cool to ignore.


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