Welcome to the Hub

I suppose right now you are on a computer reading this right? Yeah we assumed as much. So while you’re sitting there what else are you doing? Listening to the radio? Watching TV? Swapping between Facebook and perhaps 2 other sites besides this one? We guessed so. I don’t suppose you ever wonder about the use of technology much do you? How often you use it, how many people really use it, what you can do with it etc. You probably don’t think much about your digital footprint on the world or where you’re putting your personal information do you? Perhaps you should.

We are Cybergothpandas. Just a bunch of Graphic Design students looking to make some kind of impact in the world (not to mention get a good grade in our Computer Ethics Class). So what better way to inform, educate, and perhaps even amuse you than with a blog? Now we’re gonna level with you. We need your help through this process. ‘What do I have to do’ you ask? Well we’re glad you asked. You’re human, and if we’re not mistaken, you like giving opinions right? All we want is you to let us know what you think. Go for it. But first we ask a few things of you:

  1. Though we value your opinion we ask that you be respectful of other peoples’ comments as well. We will not hesitate to remove your comments if they are vulgar or disrespectful to others commenting. Part of the creative process can involve asking the stupid questions or making obvious suggestions so please practice patience with those who post them.
  2. Be willing to bring up deeper questions and try to stump us, we love it.
  3. If you are to make an argument make an argument worth listening to (and keep it short and sweet if you can, we’re quite sleep deprived you know).
  4. If you don’t understand something, please ask for clarification, we will try to expound.
  5. We welcome suggestions on what you want to read about and will consider each suggestion respectfully.
  6. Excuse our spelling errors…quite honestly we don’t care to hear about it.

    Go to town, have fun, and enjoy your intellectual bamboo (it’s tasty).


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